Sanghata founder, Sabiha Malik’s uniquely innovative concept has made Sanghata’s Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) the first program of its kind in the global social impact sector. 

In October 2009, Sabiha Malik completed development of her innovative concept to advance social enterprise development in low-income areas worldwide by educating business professionals to provide high-level business assistance to entrepreneurs, and due diligence to impact investors.

One year later, Sanghata founded the Frontier Market Scouts (FMS), invited Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) to become its first educational associate for the FMS pilot program, and agreed to the appointment of MIIS dean Yuwei Shi as director of the 'Sanghata-Monterey FMS' training program. Sabiha also invited Dr. Shi to be named co-founder of the FMS program, and come on board Sanghata as co-founder. 

In 2015 MIIS housed the FMS program at its Center for Social Impact Learning (CSIL).

In January 2012, Sanghata helped fund the establishment of Village Capital thus becoming its Global Founding partner, and Village Capital took charge of placing FMS Scouts around the world with impact investment firms. Sanghata helped establish Village Capital to test the impact of Sanghata’s FMS Fellowship Field Program and of our innovative investment model, designed to benefit both the emerging and established markets.



Since its launch in 2011, Sanghata's FMS has become an award-winning certificate training and fellowship program, partnering with over 400 social-impact organizations that serve 31 countries across 5 continents. The FMS Fellows have created 100+ social enterprises around the world.