Frontier Market Scouts Program


Sanghata’s Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) program reduces poverty by training business professionals to advance sustainable business development in low-income areas worldwide.


During the intensive 2-week program participants are taught to balance social and financial missions for sustainable, impactful progress. They are guided through the process of scaling high-impact social enterprises, and are trained to profile ventures for impact investing and to provide seed-stage due-diligence for impact investors.




After the 2-week training the FMS participants have the opportunity to become candidates for fellowship positions. These are typically 2 -12 month paid positions with social enterprises, accelerator programs, and impact investment funds around the world.

FMS Fellows have the job of providing technical business assistance to local entrepreneurs - to improve processes, attract investment and create sustainable business models. Simultaneously, Fellows provide due diligence to impact investors investing in the scaled enterprises.

The 2-week training program in social enterprise management and impact investing is currently taught quarterly in the United States, in Washington D.C. and in Monterey, California. In 2017 we plan to steer the program in directions that diversify and expand its impact more effectively than ever before.