How we work


Social-Impact Investment Fund

In 2017, Sanghata aims to introduce Sanghata Capital, its for-profit subsidiary that directs investment capital towards economically sustainable, socially beneficial enterprises in frontier market areas worldwide, uniting profit with purpose. 

By bringing opportunity-deprived enterprises together with management talent, higher education and investment capital, we offer an efficient pipeline that connects emerging markets to the established markets, benefitting both.


Proof of concept

In January 2012 Sanghata helped fund the establishment of Village Capital because we were keen to test and prove the impact of Sanghata’s innovative investment model, which depended on the fellowship and field aspects of Sanghata's FMS program . We are proud to say we proved both, successfully. In the last six years, Sanghata partner Village Capital successfully raised $142 million in follow-on capital, and recently, $17.7 million through its for-profit subsidiary, VilCap Investments.

Although Sanghata funded Village Capital and is the global founding partner of Village Capital, it has not been a beneficiary of Village Capital or of VilCap Investments.