Sanghata Global is a charitable company incorporated in the UK. By designing, developing and implementing scalable, sustainable and innovative models for economic development, Sanghata Global creates more life options, better incomes and a culture of prosperity through social entrepreneurship. [Not just through social entrepreneurship]



The Sanghata Institute for Social Entrepreneurship and Investment is a 501 C3 non-profit organization based in the United States which designs, develops and implements educational programs that bridge the First and Third worlds through experiential learning and early-stage impact investing at the frontier. Through the Frontier Market Scouts, the Sanghata Institute’s flagship program, compassionate and qualified millennials receive the training they need to launch a career in social entrepreneurship. The Scouts are deployed to the far reaches of the frontier and emerging markets where they seek out the enterprising individuals and help them build thriving businesses to foster economic growth and reduce poverty.



Sanghata Capital brings investment to the seed stage community enterprises in frontier and emerging markets that Sanghata [Institute] facilitates. It exists to make capitalism more inclusive by partnering with impact-minded investors interested in frontier and emerging market opportunities. A significant contribution to the Sanghata Ecosystem is the network of Discovery Camps Sanghata Capital is building. The camps provide a venue for Frontier Market Scouts to connect and work with local entrepreneurs towards innovative solutions, discoveries, investments and sustainable business building. Another unique initiative of Sanghata Capital is the creation of a small investment fund that hires Frontier Market Scouts as investment managers to create and manage a diverse global portfolio of micro-enterprises. The fund makes investment transactions of between $1,000 and $10,000, filling a gap in the social impact investment industry as well as providing an experiential learning environment for innovative investment management as a means to scale business development and social impact. By connecting the enterprising poor in the Third world with the economic and educational resources of the First world, Sanghata Capital is able to benefit all parties involved.