Redefining Capitalism


Doing well by doing good

Sanghata Capital understood alongside Sanghata FMS, creates a self-sustaining ecosystem with a shared vision. 

Seeking returns beyond economic gains, Sanghata Capital’s pro-active investing philosophy initiates social vitality and well-being and contributes to creating a culture of prosperity. 


EDUCATION and prosperity

We believe that prosperity is the accumulation of solutions to human problems. 

The power of capitalism lies in its ability to use innovative solutions to generate prosperity. This is why, through our Frontier Market Scout program, we educate budding social entrepreneurs who then enable and educate opportunity-deprived entrepreneurial people in all five continents.



Sanghata Capital will provide access to capital for viable small to medium size enterprises in frontier markets. 

We have proved that this approach serves entrepreneurs and investors alike. Opportunity-deprived entrepreneurs and their communities win, because with access to capital they can effectively build and grow their businesses. Impact investors win because they gain access to investment opportunities with potential for significant returns.